A collection of pure joy, for the first time the brand doesn't represent humans' organs or darkness, just lightness.
One day everything turned black, and black was the day after.
A thick, black film was hiding a wonderful world.
This film was so dark that to see light was almost a dream, and in the darkness, everything beautiful inside and outside me was rotting.

That film was shutting down my life.
However, occasionally small glimmers of light were able to pass through that film, and this was enough to restore mv dreams.
I took a stand: I would hang with all my strength on that light in order to escape that darkness.
Everybody tells me that I live more in my dreamy world with little connection to reality, but it was actually my dreamy world that saved me.
I focused on every glimmer of light that was passing through the film for months and years.
Slowly, that film began to disappear until the last small piece felt like there was too much beauty in me for that film; it was no longer its place.
Braveness made decisions for me. Now I'm free.

Do you know why butterflies because I took my freedom back.
Do you know why flowers exist?
Because I'm blooming.
Do you know why grubs.
Because it remembers me as I was.
What about the watercolor?
Because it is sheer;
I can pass through it.

This collection is intended to be a hymn to freedom.

I'm free I'm fly I'm alive

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