Mixed technique 100X110

During our life we ​​experience numerous deaths and transitions.

Each of these requires detachment, forced acceptance, an adaptation to a new way of life, to a new understanding.

The ability to accept these changes determines your pain.
Accepting is an adaptation, if you adapt you can see a future and thus, even to live. If you deny, you go back to the past, you don't go beyond it ... and so, you die. Die inside.

I believe that each of us must prepare psychologically or at least to think about his own death. You spend a whole life learning to live, and instead death, you avoid it, you chase it away, you don't understand it, on the contrary, you don't want to understand it.This moment of our life for which we are not prepared.

You will be cold, very cold, this is one of the certain things, you will have cold, icy lips, who would like to scream everything you have inside, everything you never said, that you never had the courage to say, so as not to hurt , out of fear, I don't know.
You will want to say anything just to speak.
To hear your voice.
That sound that has accompanied you throughout your life, that speaks of you.
Someone will remember it, some don't, someone will miss it.
And that's what's scary. And so we never think about death.












Il mio feto


Death. My friend,

I see you starting from here:
I create an image in my mind and watch you.
I see a foreign body, which after all, is not so foreign (It's me); he expels himself from my silhouette. And I look at it.
You know, death is the consequence of a life. To get to death, of course, I would have to live first.
Birth is said to be the beginning of a life.
It is that moment in which there is the complete escape of a fetus from the maternal and chronologically vital body that it has breathed.
Once the whole fetus has emerged from the maternal bed, the birth is considered to have occurred and so we will speak, as the case may be, of born alive or born dead.
What if I was born dead? As now, in my mind, I see myself and with a regurgitation dictated by the fear of living I see myself born dead.
Then I was not born; I can't have been born dead, what birth would it be? Unless, inside my womb I had already had a short mental life of mine.
If I have a mind then I can think, then I have thoughts. When I think, however, I have feelings, feelings that are beautiful or ugly but that I can only feel thanks to the experience of my life. But if I'm locked up in these 20cm of placenta how can I have an experience?
So am I dead?
But I feel my little heart. Beats.
So am I alive?









Memento mori











Mixed technique 70X90

What can be imagined can be achieved. Why can't scissors have teeth? Why does a banana have to be inside a banana peel and a gun that shoots a shower head cannot come out? Why can't you eat a heart if you eat a tasty strawberry? Why do ice cream balls have to fit inside an ice cream cone and not a melting brain? Why can there only be wine in a glass? I see a language that turns upside down and a beautiful watercolor flower is born from saliva.
I'd like to create an ice cream.
Here, now I can.




General description 

We all have the terror of death.

There is no human being who does not have one. For all the other living beings I have not yet understood it, I have not understood well whether it is real fear or something else; for now I speak only of us being human, as I am such.

'' Death, dead, dead ... '' I hear these words every day. '' Killed, killed, strangled, suicidal, exterminated, slaughtered, stabbed ... '' are part of our daily lives.
They don't give you any feeling, or at least, they only experience 6% of the emotions that these verbs really should give us.
They teach us that death is a naked and raw, cruel and carnal thing.
The news on TV, I hate the news; they describe you as a piece of freshly eaten meat and the thought that the listeners have of you is certainly not that of a poor soul who has left us. You are and you become just a poor and terrible massacred body, they tell you with a cruelty and coldness that I almost disgust to listen to.
In the eyes of the people you are only an image full of blood.

Here, I see death in another way. At death I want to give its importance, I would like to give the viewer a sweet feeling full of memories.

I want to talk with death. Yes, I'm young and I shouldn't think about it, instead of thinking about it I make friends ... I can't know when it will come.

I started painting her a few years ago, I remember that as a child in my first brush strokes she was already present.

I only deal with self-portraits in natural dimensions, I like to express myself big and to portray myself with my natural dimensions.
Self-portraits, self-portraits because I want to speak in first person, because I speak to '' my '' death. I want to do it directly.

It's not a happy theme, I know, but I don't understand why it takes you a lifetime to learn to live and instead you never get prepared for death.
Yet it is a very important phase, extremely important: it is the last one we can attend, and I believe that at least a little of our thoughts should be devoted to it.
I love my life, but I think it is right that I also love my death: my beginning and my end.
I keep getting there prepared, not just with thought; I try to drive away the fear.
That day, I would like to leave a nice memory to the people who will be there to give me one last goodbye.
Not knowing when it will arrive ... I am looking for a "dialogue" with her, painting her.
For me this is not just a path or a painting.

For me this is a lifestyle, mine.

So, I live to leave a nice memory.

I hope to be remembered for all the beautiful things I do and do; things that make you smile at the thought of me. Which, in the end, will be the only thing that will remain on this world and in everyone's memory.


Paola Alma Gemelli