Where are you going - Memento Mori




Technique- mixed technique

Dimensions- 100X110

''During our lifetime we experience numerous deaths and transitions.

Each of these requires detachment, forced acceptance, adaptation to a new way of life, to a new understanding.

The ability to accept these changes determines your pain.
Accepting is an adaptation, if you adapt you can see a future and therefore also live. If you deny, you go back to the past, you go no further ... and so you die. Die inside.

I believe that each of us must prepare ourselves psychologically or at least to think about our own death. You spend an entire life learning to live, and instead death, you avoid it, you drive it away, you don't understand it, indeed, you don't want to understand it. This moment in our lives for which we are not prepared.

You will be cold, very cold, this is one of the certain things, you will have cold, icy lips, which would like to scream out everything inside you, everything you have never said, that you have never had the courage to say, so as not to hurt, out of fear, I don't know.
You will want to say anything just to talk.
To hear your voice.
That sound that has accompanied you throughout your life, that speaks of you.
Someone will remember it, some will not, someone will miss it.
And that's what's scary. And so we never think about death.'