My Fetus - Memento Mori




Technique- Mixed technique

Dimensions- 70X120

''Death, my friend.
I see you starting here:
I create an image in my mind and look at you.
I see a foreign body, which isn't so foreign after all (it's me); it expels itself from my silhouette. And I watch it.
You know, death is the consequence of a life. To arrive at death, of course, I would first have to live.
Birth is said to be the beginning of a life.
It is that moment in which there is the complete escape of a fetus from the maternal and chronologically vital body that it has breathed.
Once the entire fetus has left the maternal bed, the birth is considered to have taken place and therefore we will speak, depending on the case, of a live birth or a stillborn.
What if I was born dead? Like now, in my mind, I see myself and with a regurgitation dictated by the fear of living I see myself born dead.
Then I was not born; I can't be stillborn, what birth would that be? Unless, in my womb, I already had a short mental life.
If I have a mind then I can think, then I have thoughts. When I think, on the other hand, I experience feelings, sensations that are good or bad but that I can only experience thanks to the experience of my life. But if I'm enclosed in these 20 cm of placenta how can I have an experience?
So am I dead?
But I feel my little heart. The beats.
So am I alive?''


Created in 2013

Mixed technique

measures: 70*120

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