Give it back to me - Memento Mori




Technique- mixed technique

Dimensions- 100X120

''No one listens to you,
you have a lot of fear,
die for the first time.

Of this evil that afflicts me
it is the devil who paints it
a blade never pierces ...

I already see myself stretched out on the bed of death
how cold
follow my breath ...

Magnifying my silence
to remember that if I breathe, I see, I think, I live,
it is because my destiny
it is marked by an end.

I already feel my bones crunch,
their macabre dana,
my heart is pounding ...

I imagine that silence that will soon follow him,
its useless and frantic rush of desperate heartbeats
where he will no longer have days to count.

I don't want to see myself dead.
I wonder if I'll ever see myself dead."