Rebirth - Memento Mori




Technique- Mixed technique

Dimensions- 100X150

''An emotional journey begins that the photo "Progetto Memento Mori" finds its expression and quickly translates into a series of life-size self-portraits in which the artist portrays herself in familiar places, lying down as if dead.

The ancient relationship that binds life and death, the mystery of man and nature, traces the contours of her artistic journey that Paola Alma Gemelli has taken to a higher level by transforming the paintings into a unique clothing line.
style where designs with a strong symbolic meaning become wearable art.

Bones, living or dead organs, in contrast with a flower, a plant, a color, become the spokesperson for a universal message which through exhibitions in the main Italian cities (including Milan and Turin) and internationally (including Berlin and Miami) and thanks to the creations by Alma Gemelli - Wearing art travels the world recounting emotions that belong to the history of each of us.''